Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Pitt News Schools The Tribune-Review

How bad is the Tribune-Review? Not just inept, but inexplicably pathetic.

Wildly successful inheritor Richard Scaife wastes millions on a faux newspaper for no apparent reason other than to snipe at liberals and Democrats, yet the Tribune-Review is ignoring a hundred arrests of innocent college students consequent to a Democratic city administration's transformation of a university campus into a police state (left; photograph by Allison Joyce). The Pitt News, meanwhile, provided minute-by-minute updates, using Twitter to supplement website coverage.

The New York Times had a report of the police conduct and arrests published by 2 a.m. The Trib? Still snoozing eight hours later.

For Pitt News journalists nearing graduation: Don't even think about sending a resume to the Trib. It would be a demotion.

UPDATE: Agent Ska surveils incompetent local media.

UPPERDATE: The Trib published a story -- and, of course, labeled it "breaking news" -- at 12:26 p.m. I assume it's just a rewrite of the Pitt News reports. CORRECTION: It is unusually well-written.

UPPERERDATE: Disturbing reports suggest police targeted journalists, confiscating or destroying cameras or digital images, arresting several (two from Pitt News, one from P-G), gassing others (including several from Pitt News, Dennis Roddy of P-G).


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any video of Dok Harris getting a massage at the Bedford Springs Resort while all that was going down in Pittsburgh?

I saw him going into the spa with a fuzzy robe and slippers on, but I didn't see what happened next.

That might be an interesting story.

Infinonymous said...

If either Harris or Acklin had either balls or brains, he would have been in Oakland last night. After Friday's festivities, it was likely the Ravenstahl administration would be tested, and just as likely it would fail.

Each badly needs a campaign issue, and each lost his chance for one.

I guess that is what losers do.

Infinonymous said...

Thursday's festivities.

Acklin is a DoucheNozzle said...

Ewwww, Anonymous wants to see Dok in a robe? Wow, Acklin; how about you and your idiot staff focusing on what you want to do to help this city and quit trying to stalk naked men in robes. I mean, have you SEEN Dok? Let's work on your taste!

Anonymous said...

We FOUND the photo of Dok!

Look closely, you cannot miss him.

Anonymous said...

We found another one!

Anonymous said...

I read in today's Pitt News (Monday, 9/28), that Peduto was out in his district, which borders Oakland, until 3AM Thursday and Friday nights. In the same issue, Ravenstahl noted to a reporter that he was nowhere near the protests.

Run again for mayor soon Bill!

Anonymous said...

To clarify, Ravenstahl noted that he himself, mayor of the entire city, was nowhere near the protests.

After all, there were Pitt and Steelers games to get primed for over the weekend.