Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did The Anarchists Just Psyche Pittsburgh's Capitalistic Imperialists Out Of $20 Million?

If G20 protests turn out to be a dud -- and at this point the only chaos card left for the anarchists to play in Yinzerland might be to stand at Liberty and Grant and start screaming "the Steelers suck!!!" -- that $20 million rent-a-police-state bill might turn out to be the biggest waste since expulsion led Bluto to lament, "seven years of college, down the drain."

How great would it be for protesters -- late Friday, as the world heads for the airports and the cops wait in six-hour lines to collect their overtime checks -- to unfurl from the Ft. Duquesne Bridge a giant banner with a single word: PSYCHE!!!

NOTE FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL VISITORS: The fellow pictured at left is not a punk practicing to incite a riot, but instead is the mayor of Pittsburgh. And that shot is not 25 years old, but the mayor is. We use that photograph a lot. But maybe not as much as this one:

I assume this makes the impulse to open manufacturing facilities in Pittsburgh for some of your country's businesses irresistible.

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