Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hoeffel Creates Horserace In Democratic Primary

Joe Hoeffel (left) -- who is distinguishable from the formerly frontrunning twins in the race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in that (a) he is from the vote-rich Philadelphia region and (b) he favors Democratic positions on issues -- has announced he will campaign for the nomination.

This creates a spirited race. Jack Wagner (right) has established statewide ballot strength (most recently, he outpolled Barack Obama), a strong personal story and a record relatively free of controversy, but little pizzazz and less cash. Dan Onorato (left) has formidable cash and a head start, but his candidacy appears to rely on execution of the legendary Triple Lindy (assessments, drink tax, G20).

The Propositions Board (far right column) has been adjusted accordingly.


MH said...

I'm voting for whoever puts the most state legislators in the pen.

Infinonymous said...

I guess your choices are Fumo and Perzel, then.