Friday, September 4, 2009

Today's G20=Apocalypse Moment, With Snipers

Managers of one downtown building told tenants this week that those occupants crazy enough determined to attempt to conduct business at their leased premises during the G20 event must impose foolproof, 'no exceptions' measures to prevent employees from working after dark.

'Why?' one tenant inquired.

'Because we have been informed that if the snipers see anyone moving inside our building after dark, and one of the VIPs is being moved in our vicinity at that time, there is a chance someone will be shot, and we want to avoid that, so we think 'no exceptions' is the right policy on this issue.'

The bright side: The tenants were told to expect a three-hour security process for admission to the building each day during the event (involving navigation of three successive, increasingly severe security checkpoints) . . . but that leaving the secured area is expected to take no more than 90 minutes.


JenEngland said...

Criminitely! Did I also see somewhere today that Pittsburgh purchased 150 tear gas canisters? Yikes, I wish I could leave town for a long weekend.

Infinonymous said...

Or you could stay in town for what could be a very long weekend. Unless you get caught in a late assignment at work and then in a sniper's crosshairs, in which case it could apparently become a somewhat shorter weekend.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Snipers greaaaat