Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today's G20=Apocalypse Sign: Security Perimeters Established, Walczak Watch Begins

The map released by the feds today seems sensible (although I can't understand why a block of Grant Street seems to be included in the pedestrian-restricted zone). If vehicles are denied access along Grant Street, some of the practical detours could involve Wilmerding.

Next: Vic Walczak files his lawsuit in federal court. Odds posted (far right column). My money is on this Thursday. And on Walczak.

UPDATE: It is now Thursday, and if I were in Vic Walczak's position, I would file my G20 claims today, in federal court (after providing notice to the defendants earlier this week), and request a prompt hearing. A good time to catch the walk down Grant Street might be shortly after 10 a.m. Betting lines become ineffective the moment Walczak enters the courthouse, so wager early.

UPPERDATE: I was off by a day, apparently because the city requested a late meeting, and advertised an announcement that could influence the ACLU's thinking. The meeting occurred, the announcement was made . . . and the lawsuit will be filed Friday morning.

(Pregame analysis, with detailed ranking of those calling the shots.)


kosh said...

My guess on that block of grant is because the Federal Building, Federal Court House and Post Office are there.

Infinonymous said...

It looked to me like the section involving the US Steel Building is included . . . which severs about the sole possible arterial route south of the Allegheny yet still downtown . . . and if the aim is to protect the federal installation, why expose the west end of the courthouse/post office to the rabble?

That explanation, however, makes as much sense as any I can think of.