Sunday, September 27, 2009

Complaint? Tell The Citizen Police Review Board

Citizens may file complaints asserting misconduct involving the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police in state court, in federal court and with the Pittsburgh Citizen Police Review Board (created by citizen referendum during the period in which Pittsburgh police brutality precipitated a consent decree involving federal court/ACLU supervision). The first two avenues require a lawyer; the CPRB must respond to a direct complaint from a citizen. (The CPRB -- which Dan Onorato opposed -- accepts online complaints; I recommend a supplementary submission in writing.)

CPRB rules require that a complaint be filed within six months of the relevant police conduct. Complaints may be directed to:
Elizabeth C. Pittinger, Executive Director
Citizen Police Review Board
816 Fifth Avenue, Suite 400
Pittsburgh PA 15219
Telephone: 412-765-8023

I believe Beth Pittinger also would accept submissions from citizens concerning admirable police conduct. If an officer engaged in conspicuously noble conduct -- and was not among the cowards who concealed identity -- reward that gallantry.

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