Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tips For Pitt Students Preparing For Round 3

Tips for Round 3:

(1) Do not deface or damage property, especially not in plain view of any police officer or within range of any surveillance camera.

(2) When determining whether to expose yourself to risk in the defense of University property, consider the level of support students have received from Pitt (which has basically thrown its students under the heavily fortified black Humvee).

(3) Under no circumstances should you establish secure positions from which to taunt anyone with organized chants such as "you should have gone to a real college," "bad cops get no donuts" or "who pissed on your donut?"

(4) Do not wear distinctive clothing.

(5) Never rely on the City's, or any police officer's, or the University's, familiarity with or respect for the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, especially the part about the right 'peaceably to assemble.'

(6) Do not harm any local, independent businesses.

(7) Eat pancakes
at Pamela's.

(8) Drink margaritas at Mad Mex. Not when eating pancakes, though. (Unless you're trying to clear room for more alcohol.)

(9) Get the hell out of Pittsburgh as soon as you graduate. I mean within minutes.

(10) Listen to the Pittsburgh G20 soundtrack (center column). It's better than anything you've been listening to, other than Green Day or your parents' Stones albums.

Good luck. Stay safe. Stay strong.


MH said...

"you should have gone to a real college,"

Sneering like that has been pushing ordinary voters away from liberalish wing of Democratic party since Nixon.

Infinonymous said...
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Infinonymous said...

I see no reason to assign to a college student any obligation to safeguard relatively low-wage workers from voting against their economic interests.

And sneering at people who order the use of tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful students outside their dorms is pretty low on my list of outrages.

MH said...

I don't mind personally. Whoever is going to be Rove 2.0 in 2012 will need all the help he can get and I get nervous whenever one party controls Congress and the White House.

Infinonymous said...

Until the Republicans shed their reliance on the religious nut/racist/xenophobe/torturing warmonger coalition, I don't want them to be anywhere near a lever of power.

And, unless they can arrange the disenfranchisement of everyone except undereducated Southern white religious kooks, I expect that risk to decline throughout my lifetime.