Monday, September 14, 2009

Wettick Gives County One-Month Reprieve

The Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review report that Allegheny County Solicitor Michael Wojcik today told assessment czar Judge Wettick not to expect new assessment figures before the FAA issues airworthiness certificates to pigs before Dan Onorato (and the solicitor) depart county government, one way or the other before late 2011.

The plaintiffs' lawyers expressed the view that a constitutional assessment structure could be arranged within four months.

Judge Wettick indicated that if the litigants can't resolve the gap -- four months against two years -- by October 19, he will begin to do it for them on that date.

One way to ensure that the county is doing its best to stop abusing property owners in violation of the state constitution would be to prevent the county from collecting any property taxes until a lawful system is in place. Our over-under on the date the county would be ready in that circumstance: The date on which the next tax bills are to be mailed.

The 'county in contempt' lines on the Propositions Board (far right column) move back one month, but are otherwise unchanged.

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