Monday, September 28, 2009

Cop After Cop: 'How Were We Supposed To Know Pitt Teaches Those Damn Kids How To Turn Cell Phones Into Goddamn Movie Cameras?'

Although the Pitt News still has the best Siege of Schenley Plaza coverage, pixel for pixel, in town, the Post-Gazette's news coverage has improved greatly. (The P-G's Allegheny Conference advertising insert editorial page is spewing chunks, though.)

iReport and YouTube demonstrate that students with cellphones + rampaging police officers = video that should be handy in court or at police disciplinary hearings.

The Trib, meanwhile, seems paralyzed, likely by cognitive dissonance ('attack Ravenstahl and Onorato' vs. 'police beating lefties always good').

But the biggest local media news is that the Post-Gazette obviously has acquired a Google-compatible Intertubes apparatus.

Did I miss the telethon?

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