Friday, April 30, 2010

The List-Makers' List, Inscription The Tenth

The nineteenth name written by The List-Makers is Ronald Graziano, unjustly beheaded inspector of Burgh buildings, inscribed as obstacle to John the Finagler and inconvenient point of evidence against Luke the Prevaricator.
The twentieth name written by The List-Makers is Vic Walczak, valiant vindicator of freedom from official oppression, recorded as jouster with Luke the Censor; scorner and taxer of Luke the Totalitarian; pursuer of Luke the Unconstitutional; critic of Luke the Promoter; litigator against Luke the Demoter; curber of Luke the Surveiller; and precipitate of Luke the Profane.

Two more names enrolled. The List-Makers' List (far right column).


Bram Reichbaum said...

All the additions are great (though I wonder about McDivitt -- just because do attorneys representing others really count? Don't they have like a special status?), except now I'm starting to worry this is an unwieldy group.

We're may have to break up into teams after we identify some objectives.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just heard about this and see that as advertised I am on this list.

Not sure if I should thank you, damn you, hide under a table, run to Mexico, or what, but this is pretty funny. Assume Luke, John, the Zs, and pals are not laughing, tho. They have to hate this assuming they know about it.

Anyway so far, you have one hell of a blog. That betting part has to be a joke, if not I definitely have some bets I want to make.

Maybe you should tell the people who are on the list.

Infinonymous said...


Wagers are accepted in illusory currency of many types.

That final suggestion is a good one. Maybe we'll put Reichbloom on it. He's in charge of communications among The Listed.

Speaking of Reichbloom: Jerry McDevitt has gone above and beyond the call of professional obligation in hounding the Zappalas. He takes a back seat to few, if any, among The Listed.