Sunday, April 11, 2010

Orie-Zappala War: Shots At The Eastern Front

Chief Justice Ronald Castille has fired a remarkably direct (among the enrobed) shot across Justice Joan Orie Melvin's judicial bow, suggesting events have constrained her recusal prerogative with respect to Pennsylvania Supreme Court cases considering prosecutions involving Allegheny County District Attorney (and big-game Orie-hunter) Stephen A. Zappala Jr.

Can anyone provide links to the Chief Justice's public oration concerning the ethics of district attorneys' (1) public declarations of innocence (despite all appearances) involving family members before any investigation has concluded, or (2) promotion of undeclared interests with respect to real estate development projects involving public funds, or (2) investigations of family members revealed to have failed to disclose financial and/or lobbying interests associated with the gambling industry?


Anonymous said...

another apologist for Republican criminals-you do realize a Grand Jury told the D.A. to bring charges, don't you?

when th next Orie is charged in Harrisburg which Democrat will you blame it on then?

Anonymous said...

This is a Democrat site.
Search "palin" on it.
Not sure why the sudden love for the Orie's, but definitely a Democrat site.

Count To 1-2-2? said...

You sure use a lot of big words to say nothing with but, even after I try and look em up you still don't make any sense

Plus you got two "2's" in there which means, Mr. Smart Guy can't add too good