Monday, April 19, 2010

More Surveillance We Can Believe In

The Ravenstahl administration is proposing installation of government-operated surveillance cameras at a high-exposure pace. These proposals merit an Infindorsement if -- and solely if -- the first 12 additional cameras are mounted at these locations:

1) at the door to the mayor's office;

2) above the mayor's desk*;

3) at the door to Adam Ravenstahl's UPMC office*;

4) on the windshield of the mayor's city-issued vehicle;

5) above the bar at Cain's Saloon;

6) at the door to Yarone Zober's office;

7) outside whichever address the mayor currently claims as his formal primary residence*;

8) at the entrance to 225 Ross Street;

9) at the door to Dan Onorato's office;

10) at the other entrance to 225 Ross Street;

11) at the reception area of Summa Group LLC;


12) a roving camera, currently needed most at the entrance to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority's executive offices.

* These cameras should be motion-activated, to conserve energy.


Anonymous said...

What goes on at Cain's?

Infinonymous said...

So far, apparently, it stays at Cain's.

Thus the call for a camera.