Sunday, April 18, 2010

Propositions Board Update: U.S. Attorney Lines Return, Orie-Zappala War Debuts

A substantial revision to the Propositions Board (far right column):

U.S. Attorney: Lines return to board. Dave Hickton still favored, but new entrant -- Department of Justice veteran imported from D.C. to wrangle some delicate matters without local baggage -- opens strong.

Orie-Zappala War: Smart money drawn to casualties on both sides.

Big Ben's Boner: Roethlisberger skates so far (on criminal exposure), but line predicts suspension. New line: whether at least one local police officer joins Georgia cop who lost job trying to protect Roethlisberger.

D. Blair: With big end to regular season, DeJuan Blair outscores Sam Young as rookie.

Altmire race:
K.Rothfus reaches board. Buchanan odds lengthen.

Next Steelers arrest:
Santonio Holmes line retired. Roethlisberger, Reed wrist-to-wrist in race for next set of cuffs.

North Shore Uglitheater:
No way Steelers meet deadline. No way city does anything about it.

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1 comment:

Am I On To You? said...

If I didn't know better, could be you are setting up sucker bets.

Misdirection ie keeping Hickton still the fave?

You would not do that now would you Infinonomous?