Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anti-Fake Penis Crusader Buchanan Still Protecting Us, Even From Her Professional Grave

Although Mary Beth Buchanan no longer is myopically stalking Democratic elected officials and the Republican Party platform's targets serving as the United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, she continues to protect citizens. Today, for example, the feds finally drove a prosecutorial stake into the heart of the faux penis menace.

Mrs. Buchanan was unable to attend the socially conservative exorcism, however; she was too busy screaming at her campaign manager for entangling her in the Orie scandal.


NorthPGH Progressive said...

Republican 4th Congressional District candidate Mary Beth Buchanan’s campaign manager, a Beaver County resident, did political work on legislative time while working for indicted state Sen. Jane Orie, according to testimony in Orie’s indictment.

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Blue Number 2 said...

Loved the quote he had in the grand jury indictment. "If the Attorney General's office knew what was occuring they would all be in handcuffs."

So he knew it was wrong but he let it up to an unpaid, college student intern to speak up about it.