Tuesday, May 11, 2010

List-Makers' List, Inscription The Seventeenth

The thirty-third name written by The List-Makers is W. Christopher Conrad, former first-rate, first-chair prosecutor of homiciders, inscribed as rival of Stephen the Ambitious; critic of Stephen the Inexperienced; and roadkill of Stephen the Secretly Selected.

The thirty-fourth name written by The List-Makers is Barry Kauffman, the Commonwealth's commoner with a cause, recorded as dot-connector of Stephen the Elder and Michelle the Lesser; nebber of Charles the Croupier and William the Chancer; and scolder of Luke the Recipient, Luke the Campaigner and Luke the Vetoer.

Two more names enrolled. The List-Makers' List (far right column).


Lady Elaine said...

I fell asleep during the list making . . . can you fill me in, or those of us in on why we should care who makes the list, or why there is a list in the first place?

I'm lazy and don't feel like paging back to read what its all about. Probably why I'm not listed on other important blogs.

Infinonymous said...

The inadvertent revelation of the existence of The List.

(Aside to Post-Gazette editors: That story seems to be unavailable through your site's search function today.)

A survey of The List-Makers.

The unauthorized revelation of the names written by The List-Makers begins.

An early encounter among The Listed.