Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Piss-Poor Decision From A City D.J.

After hearing evidence that three young men urinated on a homeowner's property during a South Side binge, then forced their way into the home and assaulted a resident, Magisterial District Judge Ronald Costa today dismissed charges of burglary, criminal conspiracy and simple assault -- each of which appeared to have been vindicated by evidence -- against the perpetrators. He convicted two of the hoodlums of two summary offenses -- disorderly conduct (a charge grossly disproportionate to the reported conduct) and public drunkenness -- and dismissed all charges against the third defendant.

The article does not indicate whether the district attorney acquiesced in this injustice -- $150 and a few hours of community service for a home invasion -- or whether anyone in our system of justice (left, dispensing justice to the victim) offered any justification for this seemingly inexplicable result.

Someone should inquire on both fronts. The victim deserves better.


Anonymous said...

This was a freaking bullshit decision.

How about that dolt Patrick Dowd playing politics at the council table when he spoke nothing but high praises for Costa?

Gimme a fucking break.

Anonymous said...

Who's this Costa to Dowd? The politics from these people (Dowd, Burgess,widdle Wukie, Motznik)is six degrees of separation to keep straight. What a bunch of snakes in the grass!

deegazette said...

A few years ago my little sister was the victim of public urination. She lives on a two block long SS street and keeps a padlock on the gate to her yard. A female in need of a bathroom used my sister's front porch as a ladder/jumping off point and the alley to her yard as a lavatory. Trouble was she could not get back over the gate. She made noise until my sister heard her and then asked sis to unlock the gate. Sis said NO and went back inside. My question is this: If the same incident would happen again today, how much time do you think my sister would get?