Monday, May 10, 2010

Rudiak Fighting Her Way Through City Snow Job

The most telling exchange at today's snowpocalypse hearing might have been this one:
"I was so disheartened, Director Huss, when you did not respond to any of the seven invitations," [council member Natalia Rudiak] said after [issuing a subpoena to bring public safety director Mike Huss] to council's table. "It's this total lack of communication that is concerning to me."

Mr. Huss later countered that he was distressed at Ms. Rudiak's public comments about city snow emergency management days after the Feb. 5 storm.

"Councilwoman, I was disappointed on Monday of the event when you stated we failed," he said. "Now, at that moment in time, we had another storm bearing down on us."

Absent a shocking revelation that Miss Rudiak was, like Huss, accompanying Mayor Ravenstahl on a snowbunny hunt at Seven Springs (right) during the first storm, the councilor appears to have been in a better position from which to gauge whether InsolvenCity had provided adequate services during the first storm.

Can anyone explain how the second snowfall could be relevant to the issue of the city's performance with respect to the initial snowfall?


Anonymous said...

Huss, Burgess and Dowd created a political train wreck in Council at the snow show meeting. They were downright mean and arrogant, with sexist undertones to boot! Huss should have been fired for his performance as Emergency Manager. All Rudiak was trying to do was to go through policies from the EMERGENCY RESPONSE BOOK that he dismissed as unimportant. The things that were not followed from that handbook was a deriliction of duty! He failed and he is a snot and a jackass like Lukey for playing the blame game. The arrogance of having all of those people behind him was also an agressive and hostile showing. Dowd and Burgess have totally jumped the shark and will eventually implode from the raw hatred. Look closely, you can see the steam rise from their pointy heads. What a sorry show that Lukey has produced! I was sickened by this display and for Burgess to apologize is the highth of gall! I need a bath just to get over the thought of it. Ms Rudiak deserves the apology from this group of filthy,despicable scoundrels.

Bram Reichbaum said...

I haven't watched it yet, but I read the papers. Burgess came off as a little, um, OPENLY AND ENORMOUSLY CONTEMPTUOUS of his colleague's efforts, but Dowd at least seemed civil and professionally circumspect.

Bram Reichbaum said...

At the same time, I think everybody should squeeze their stress balls and work with him (will probably take some ultimately friendly amendments) on the CDBG reform. It'd be the professional thing to try and do.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with anonymous from 5-11. Bram you should watch the hearing. Dowd acted very much like a heckling teenage boy toward Rudiak, it was truly embarrasing for him.

And Burgess' deep and ugly disrespect makes me wonder if he's even serious about cdbg reform. (Well, the first sign he's not serious is that he's going after his collegaues's dicretionary funds-- chump change, 5% of the overall cdbg grant, instead of going after the way it's misused for big economic development)

How are we to believe that he's dialoging meaningfully with his colleagues about his bill that will take money from their districts when he publicly treats Councilwoman Rudiak with such hostility.

I call bullshit.