Monday, May 17, 2010

Paying The Tab For Knuckleheads' Mistakes

A couple of recent local events highlight one of the many problems associated with knuckleheads: Too often, others must pay for their mistakes while the culpable walk away from the mayhem.

For example, what is wrong with this story:

Head-on crash in Mount Pleasant kills two 21-year-olds

A young man and young woman were killed early Sunday in a head-on crash in Washington County.

Michael C. Pleskovich, 21, of McDonald and Jenna L. Gilmore, 21, of Burgettstown were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash on Route 50 . . .

State police said Pleskovich was driving west on Route 50 when he collided with a vehicle operated by Charles W. Cooper, 19, of McDonald, who was traveling east. Police said the crash occurred when Cooper attempted to pass another vehicle.

["Mr. Cooper entered the westbound lane of travel and into the path of" Mr. Pleskovich's vehicle, according to a state police report.]

Cooper was taken to Canonsburg General Hospital, where he was treated and released.
Should not the preceding sentence be "treated and arrested?" Preparatory to tried and (if convicted) incarcerated for a decade or more?

In McConnells Mill State Park, Lawrence County, a man fell to his death while attempting to rescue Megan McCune, a teenaged twit who had ignored warning signs, left a marked trail, crossed a guardrail and went under a bridge over hazardous terrain to pursue a better view of a waterfall. While Miss McCune was whimpering with a broken leg after falling 30 feet to a perilous location, a volunteer -- who had been summoned by the injured idiot's companion and was trying to reach Miss McCune -- fell 35 feet.

The volunteer left the scene in a body bag. Miss McCune was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital for treatment of a broken leg and other injures. When it is time for her to be discharged, she should be arrested, too.

The chuckleheads will recover, likely to screw up another day. Their victims will not have that opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

This is not the first time Charles "Will" Cooper as been in trouble with the law. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. It's a shame two innocent kids had to pay the price for the kid being a menace to society!