Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At Final Turn, Democratic Insiders Move To Onorato (Publicly, But Half-Heartedly) And Sestak (With Enthusiasm But Not Fanfare)

A substantial number of Democratic insiders -- lobbyists, lawyers, committee members, public teat-suckers -- have moved, unenthusiastically but publicly, toward Dan Onorato recently. A late but enthusiastic wave, meanwhile, is moving from the fence to Joe Sestak's campaign.

The lack of a state committee endorsement may have helped those who lack enthusiasm regarding Onorato -- which is just about anyone not being paid, directly or indirectly, by the Onorato campaign -- to avoid making a public commitment to any gubernatorial candidate. The late rush to be a pre-nomination supporter of the frontrunner has begun, however, even among some who privately express reservations about the candidate, his positions or his general election prospects.

The state committee endorsement of Arlen Specter had restrained some Democratic worker-bees from publicly supporting Joe Sestak, but recent polls have led a number of them to follow their hearts past party discipline and into the challenger's campaign. Specter still has incumbency (and its cousin, cash), experienced soldiers and a strong organization; Sestak's operation is still disorganized and underfunded but his legion is growing and spirited. Should be a fine sprint to the finish line.

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I just want to say that I feel you give some of the best political comments in Pittsburgh. Every time, I feel like I learn something. You are right it is all such a shame for our community. Thank you.