Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank Goodness For Our Miss Germanskys

Nearly everyone -- at least, nearly everyone who amounts to anything worthwhile -- can remember every homeroom teacher from elementary school. Some teachers at Pittsburgh Schaeffer K-8, for reasons identified in this story, illustrate why good teachers become indelible memories. (Pink Floyd described why bad teachers are unforgettable.)

Sixty or seventy years from now, one of today's first-grade students at Schaeffer will think of "Miss Germansky" (right) and smile.

(Ed Dunlap, subsidizer of fundraisers at LeMont for just about every substandard pol in town -- all is forgiven.

Well, maybe one exception.)

UPDATE: The Post-Gazette apparently pulled the photograph that accompanied this message. It depicted a first-grade teacher, Andrea Germansky, helping other volunteers wrestle a child's new mattress into place.

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MH said...

My dad was a volunteer at an organization (in other state) that got a largish hotel to give them all of their old, but still plausible, mattresses. They'd sterilize them and pass them on.