Sunday, May 16, 2010

About That List, And Those List-Makers . . .

The e-mail satchel has been bulging from correspondence concerning The List-Makers' List.

What is this List?
The List consists of names of enemies, rivals, obstacles, whistle-blowers and irritants compiled by The List-Makers.
Who are the List-Makers?
The List-Makers are a group of politicians, cream-skimmers, intermediaries and fixers who have been suckling at public teats -- enriching themselves in myriad ways at the region's expense -- for decades. The List-Makers will be identified after The List has been disclosed in its entirety.
Why publish The List now?
Charles the E-Mailer, a hub connecting List-Maker spokes, triggered the List-Makers' List by publicly (and inadvertently) disclosing The List's existence with a botched e-mail transmission.
How do we know The List is real?
Read Charles the E-Mailer's confirming message.
Is Dan Onorato a List-Maker, even though the hasn't been mentioned yet in the descriptions of The Listed's offenses?
Good question. Tough call. Onorato and his taxpayer-draining posse exhibit List-Maker behaviors, and consort with List-Makers, to a point that would warrant inclusion. There is, however, palpable tension between the Onorato camp and the List-Makers in competition for public monies, and Onorato's public embrace of Luke the Boy Mayor is increasingly offset by private expressions of disdain for Luke the Stumbler and Yarone the Maladroit. From a List-Makers perspective, Onorato seems less a made man and more merely Dan the Investment. (Plus, if Onorato had List-Maker status, Chuck McCullough, Kevin Joyce and every county resident named Wagner would have been Listed by now.)
Why is [insert name] not on The List?
The List continues to unfurl (although not this week, consequent to the primary election). Nominations, questions, complaints, grammatical nits, praise or threats may be directed to

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