Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Republican Insiders: The Pol Over The Pious

Several reports suggest the Republican Party establishment is working for the pol (Mary Beth Buchanan) instead of the pious (Keith Rothfus) at polling places today. Neither candidate was endorsed, leaving cogs free to spin as they wish. Rothfus, however, reportedly has countered the machine by placing an impressive number of people outside polling places.

Democratic turnout seems especially low in Republican-heavy voting districts, and Republican participation low in Democrat-dominated polling places, throughout the region.

A reminder: Please write in "Abolish This District" in the 20th District's special election for state representative. It would be great to see it, at least once, on the final return submitted by the judge of elections.

An Infinonycard: "Get Well" to Dan Onorato's son, Dan, recovering from an appendectomy.


little_minx said...

Ever hear of Sister Boom Boom of the Church of Perpetual Indulgence? S/he would run for office in San Francisco (for all I know, still does) under the name "Nun of the Above."

TheTruth said...

I enjoy your work. You are the burgher, no?