Thursday, May 20, 2010

InsolvenCity Poised To Turn Corner, Starting With The (Soon-To-Be Former) 20th District?

Adam Ravenstahl, when sworn in as a member of Pennsylvania's General Assembly, will become the 20th legislative district's second principal export. (The first: raw sewage effluent from the Alcosan sewage treatment plant . . . or, as they prefer to call it at ever-upbeat PopCity Media, the lovely "56-acre Woods Run campus.")

The district's inhabitants may be about to redeem themselves, however. According to the Allegheny County Elections Division's unofficial summary report, 515 of them used the write-in function rather than vote for Adam the Even Younger or Alex Dubart in Tuesday's special election . . . which generates hope that at least one of those perspicacious voters vindicated the Infindorsement by writing in "Abolish This District."

Even better, however, is the Slagger's report that the Commonwealth may do the right thing -- and effect the Infindorsement -- by abolishing the 20th district.

Is this the sign? Could InsolvenCity be poised to turn the corner?


Where's The Huddler? said...

Adam Ravenstahl, raw sewage-where do you come up with this stuff??

By all means...Please continue

Where's The Huddler? said...

OK now I get it. Sewage-Alcosan Board. Good one, infinonymous. Messing with their minds. Must bug the hell out of these guys that you know what they are up to before it happens. But you probably already knew that - right?

Infinonymous said...

You seem to discount the possibility it was merely a coincidence.