Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still Getting It Done, Luke Raven-Style

Who cares about people stupid enough to rely on InsolvenCity signs when trying to find the tow pound? It's not like they are campaign contributors looking for a taxpayer-funded payday!

Infinonytune: Signs, Five Man Electrical Band

UPDATE: As a commenter noted, the observations of two public servants are instructive:

This "must've fallen through the cracks" (despite express notices from the pound's operator) -- InsolvenCity Public Works Director Rob Kaczorowski

"Nobody likes to be towed, but when you go to try to find your car, and you can't, that really looks bad on the city. It's not rocket science. The signs are a little thing, but they're not little when you're looking for your car." -- InsolvenCity Councilor Doug Shields

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Anonymous said...

Leave it to Doug to talk sense.