Thursday, May 20, 2010

The March Of The Manacled Midgets Begins, With The First Move Made By Richard Corbett

Tom Corbett hit the ground first in the gubernatorial contest -- which means he stumbled as the gate opened and is sprawled on the ground.

Corbett lacks personality but is perceived as likable. (Dan Onorato, conversely, possesses personality but lacks likability.) So what does Corbett do to mark his first day as the Republican nominee? He immediately attacks his likable image by pulling on a giant "dick" costume, of course.

Tom Corbett, the attorney general (right), is attempting to use the prosecutorial power -- in the form of a grand jury subpoena -- of the office of Tom Corbett, the attorney general (right), to press Twitter to disclose the identity of a couple of speakers whose Tweets are (with wicked accuracy and increasing popularity) critical of Tom Corbett, the attorney general (right) (and Tom Corbett, the political candidate, far right).

Is no one in that office familiar with the term "conflict of interest?" How about "abuse of power?" "Partisan witchhunt?" "Recusal?"

The ball is in Mr. Onorato's court. He will, no doubt, step on it and promptly join Mr. Corbett in the sprawled position. One of these guys has to win, so look for a state General Services crew to start dragging the finish line toward them in late October.

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