Friday, May 14, 2010

Orie's Curious Flirtation With 'Democrat' Voters

Despite a chronic reputation for disregarding the well-trampled line distinguishing public activity from political campaigning, Sen. Jane Orie deserves empathy because the idea that any citizen should have to answer to anyone named Zappala for any conduct involving public affairs is perverse.

It nevertheless deserves mention that Sen. Orie has mailed three, four or even five glossy, full-bleed color flyers to Democrats in her senatorial district, asking for and instructing on write-in votes for the Democratic nomination.

Democrats in that district can not recall similar entreaties from campaigns past (and Sen. Orie's flashing of right-wing gang signals with the repeated use of the semi-literate and fully loaded term "Democrat Ballot" indicates she has little experience or interest in communicating with Democratic voters).

What, then, has occurred recently that would cause Sen. Orie to believe that Democrats are more inclined to vote for her this time around than they were in the past?

In a better world, the number of school district taxpayers, pension plan participants, citizens whose abuse at government hands has been ignored by a prosecutor, municipal taxpayers, wrongly incarcerated children and others afflicted by Zappala-tainted dealings might generate enough backlash to explain Sen. Orie's strategy.

In this world, however, without an explanation, these flyers seem more desperate or daft than worthwhile.


Anonymous said...


Sounds to me like for the sake of democracy, us good Democrats ought spend some time doorknocking and pollwatching in the good Senator's district over the next few days...

Write in Dan DeMarco!!!

little_minx said...

"flashing of right-wing gang signals" -- good one, Infinonymous!

Infinonymous said...

Doorknocking = largely a waste of time with respect to a write-in candidate for a state senate nomination.

Handing cards to voters entering a polling place = the way a write-in candidate such as DeMarco wins.

Infinonytip: Skip the knock-and-talk (or knock-and-walk) and concentrate on placing a volunteer with a stack of write-in cards at every polling place from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. Ensure that every Democratic voter is aware that Jane Orie is not a Democrat (by a long shot, a point omitted from her misleading flyers) and that Dan DeMarco is the only Democrat seeking Democrats' write-in nomination.

Orie's indictment gives DeMarco a chance in November.

Anonymous said...


We should make good use of your readership, and encourage them to do exactly what you propose.

I'm sure DeMarco could use the help, as Jane has $600K in the bank.

I'd be wiling to volunteer the ENTIRE day!

Ask your readers to RSVP! And then let's assign them to precincts in Allegheny County, where the majority of the voters live.

Infinonymous said...

DeMarco's campaign manager is Christina Brussalis (who handled Altmire's first run), of the Hill Group in Carnegie. 412-722-1111.