Monday, May 24, 2010

Infinonytunes: Rush's Libertarian "Freewill"

The Infinonytunes selection associated with the Rand Paul post is Rush's "Freewill," a literate rock 'n' roll treatment of libertarianism (and a damned fine tune).

Behind Geddy Lee (bass, vocals) on Rush's stage is what appears to be -- and is -- a laundromat. Lee plays directly through the venue PA system (with a few pedals); to balance the stage presentation (and mock guitarist Alex Lifeson's massive amplifier installation), Lee often arranges coin-operated Maytag washers and dryers behind him. Lee says the appliances sometimes clean and dry the touring personnel's clothes during a performance; watch closely. After some shows, Lee pulls t-shirts out of the dryer and throws them to the audience.

Lee reportedly grilled chickens (giant rotisseries) onstage during at least one show.


Anonymous said...

Grilling giant chickens? Tough, but fair.

TheTruth said...

And the men who hold high places must be the ones who start...