Thursday, May 27, 2010

City Council: Insist On An Ethics Waiver

The recent nomination of Adam Ravenstahl for an Alcosan board position occurs at the confluence of several problems.

• The mayor prefers nepotism and cronyism.

• When Bill Peduto terms the legal opinion of the mayor's new lapdog the new city solicitor (left) "half-assed," he is being too kind.

• The current city administration neither understands nor respects the rules.

• The current city administration is disingenuous. (Unless Don Walko and his precedessor and his predecessor's predecessor served on the Alcosan board, the arguments advanced by the mayor's mouthpiece to explain this nomination disintegrate into the customary baseless mush.)

City council could serve its constituents, and begin to address some of these problems, by conditioning approval of this nomination upon receipt of an ethics waiver.

A more aggressive approach -- arranging judicial review of the issue of whether a mayor can lawfully appoint his brother to an authority board -- also would work. (A long-term solution -- arranging council's access to reliable, independent legal advice -- is imperative, but that fight is for another day.)

Also: The Slagger is right about the manipulation of board positions.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Council arranged for itself independent legal expertise in I believe the 2009 annual budget. Overrode a veto and everything. What it did not override is the fact that the Mayor enters into agreements (or declines to).

I'm waiting for the day the Mayor appoints a horse to a commission.

Infinonymous said...

Are you insistent on an entire horse, or would a horse's ass suffice?