Thursday, May 13, 2010

The List-Makers' List, Inscription The Nineteenth

The thirty-seventh name written by The List-Makers is Dante Santoni, Jr., lawmaker from County Berks, recorded as impertinent scrutinizer of Stephen the Elder; tormenter of Michelle the Lesser; and jouster with Richard the List-Maker Mouthpiece.

The thirty-eighth name written by The List-Makers is Eric Heyl, constructor of columns, inscribed as vexer of Stephen the Younger and Stephen the Elder; peever of John the Puppeteer; mocker of Luke the Petulant and Luke the Snowbound; derider of Luke the Greensman; and doubter of Luke the Procurer, Luke the Terminator, Luke the Recipient and Luke the Wanderer.

Two more names enrolled. The List-Makers' List (far right column).

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