Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Many Drips To Make One Scandal?

The week brought three differing observations concerning the conflict-riddled water line "protection" scam being administered by Pittsburgh's Water and Sewer Authority, investigated by the Commonwealth's Bureau of Consumer Protection, and proposed as subject of a class action lawsuit in the Court of Common Pleas:

State Attorney General's spokesman Nils Frederiksen:
"We're obviously closely reviewing the facts of the case, and the manner in which this has been handled by the water and sewer authority" . . . "We have some serious concerns about how the program is administered"
Another Complaint filed in civil court:
The program is "deceptive and confusing;" was not awarded to the lowest responsible bidder; and was the product of a blatant conflict of interest involving water authority Executive Director Michael Kennedy.
Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl:
"I think the program is a bargain [for consumers]."
Anyone else wondering how many times Mrs. Ravenstahl had to knock on a neighbor's door to sort things out after Li'l Lukey traded his new bike for half a stick of gum?

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Dan Deasey is in charge, nuff said...