Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Propositions Board Update

The Pennsylvania gubernatorial race (Democrats Division) has clarified: Dan Onorato's message money has begun to resonate across the Commonwealth; Anthony Williams' message money can't keep up; Joe Hoeffel money message can't keep up; and Jack Wagner has decided not to run. Propositions Board lines (far right column) have been adjusted accordingly; List-Makers (left) are smiling, at least until November.

The North Shore Uglitheater missed its deadline but Ravenstahl, Onorato and Rendell summoned the compassion to cut the Steelers more slack. What the public won't know is whether its elected representatives scold the Rooneys between Yuenglings in the owners' luxury box during the Browns game. Lines have been closed.

The tightening of Specter-Sestak polls was already factored into the relevant line, which has not changed.

Roethlisberger dodged criminal charges but his civil fate is uncertain, like that of the badges of his private policemen. Criminal lines closed, others unchanged.

Keith Rothfus (right) has moved from "not even a Pat Robertson prayer" territory into a roughly even race with Mary Beth Buchanan for the opportunity to become underdog to wayward Rep. Jason Altmire. Lines have been adjusted accordingly.

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