Sunday, April 18, 2010

With Penance Indicated, The Bishop Whines

Bishop David A. Zubik has tired of critics "dragging [the Catholic Church] through the mud" for systematically concealing and facilitating the sexual abuse of children; for aggravating the damage to victims by manipulating their trust into silence where possible; for compounding victims' pain by castigating them from the pulpit in other circumstances; and for deploying scorched-earth litigators to protect church finances by brutalizing victims in court.


Were the Catholic Church were any other human enterprise -- a chain of day-care centers, say, or a group of charter schools -- it would have been convicted, bankrupted, and disbanded long ago (with many Catholic Church officials imprisoned). Instead of whining about criticism, Bishop Zubik -- and others who speak for the church -- should quietly count blessings and work to reform a church that has not shown it deserves the extraordinary leniency it has received.


Anonymous said...

God does not need your advice on His Church. Men with dark hearts ignore the hospitals, missions, schools and most of all prayers and comfort but, God knows the good works done by His Church every day in every corner of His world. May He reveal the light to your soul just as He blesses Bishop Zubik.

Infinonymous said...

You know the saying, 'the cover-up is worse than the crime?'

In this case, we have moved to the cover-up of the cover-up of the crime.

Sexual abuse of children. Facilitation of sexual abuse of children. Concealment of sexual abuse of children. Concealment of facilitation of sexual abuse of children. Compounded abuse, in litigation and from the pulpit, of victims.

Infitolerance of sniveling and obfuscating and defiance -- indeed, of just about anything other than hushed begging for forgiveness -- from the Catholic Church has been exhausted.