Monday, April 26, 2010

Arizonans Dislike Brown People More Than They Like Constitution; Oh, And Kristol Wrong Again

Arizona just seceded from the Constitution enacted new short-lived statutory search-and-seizure standards for people believed to look like illegal immigrants. Sen. John McCain, formerly a leader for comprehensive immigration reform, has proven that whatever Sarah Palin has is contagious supported this enactment.

This does not estrange McCain from his constituents: More than half of Arizona voters are concerned that the measure will violate (some) Americans' civil rights -- but being unconstitutionally un-American doesn't stop the measure from posting a 70 percent approval rating. (Nationally, the numbers are 58 percent concerned, 60 percent supportive.)

The icing, however, is spread by William Kristol:

This invites introduction of a new drinking game: If William Kristol is ever right about anything -- large or small -- everybody drinks a shot of cyanide with a battery acid chaser.

Don't worry, we're safe.

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