Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pittsburgh's G20 Soundtrack: #3

Tonight's event at Phipps Conservatory is billed as a "working dinner" for leaders of the world's largest economies.

An apt dissertation on finance with a Pittsburgh flavor comes not from the obvious (Pitt, CMU, city pension fund advisors) but instead from local-gone-worldwide authors who appear to have spent 15 years doing little other than writing a G20 soundtrack. From Glenshaw native/Pitt graduate Justin Sane and his bandmates, song #3 on Pittsburgh's G20 soundtrack: 1 Trillion Dollars

One trillion dollars can buy a lot of bling
One trillion dollars can buy most anything
One trillion dollars buying bullets, buying guns
One trillion dollars in the hands of killers, thugs

One trillion dollars in Africa, Iraq
One trillion dollars and it’s never coming back

One trillion dollars could make the fat lady sing
One trillion dollars, what a bullshit useless thing

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