Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walczak Watch Over (Mayo All Over It)

Bob Mayo's hibernation has ended: Walczak is to file his G20 lawsuit in federal court tomorrow morning.

All lines on the timing of the filing are CLOSED on the Propositions Board (far right column). No tickets paid until filing occurs.

The city lawyers against Walczak should resemble the Pirates against . . . well, just about anyone.

UPDATE: Lawsuit filed. Propositions Board adjusted.


Bram Reichbaum said...

I'm impressed that you knew there was very likely to be a lawsuit.

Infinonymous said...

Thank you, but it was a relatively straightforward calculation:

(Vic Walczak=highly effective) + (City government=(largely predictable+largely ineffective)) + settled law + standard litigation flow rate = x

The unexpected variable was a last-minute signal from the city that it was about to announce some game-changing information. It would have been bad litigation strategy to allow the city to use the first five minutes with the judge complaining that the plaintiffs had refused to consider new information.

Much of this is going to develop in a substantially predictable manner.

Much like the pension funding mess, and several other aspects of the city's predicament(s).