Friday, September 4, 2009

More Angry, Drunk(en), Worthwhile Ranting . . .

Part 3 of the Angry Drunk (Drunken, if he sobers enough to handle grammar) Bureaucrat's G-20 Visitors Guide has been published. This installment requires a couple of corrections:

First, Donnie Iris deftly dominates the local pop scene; the original Iron City Houserockers (right) are the town's rockers. No volume of alcohol excuses that mistake.

Second, Primanti Brothers sandwiches feature oil-and-vinegar-dressed cabbage, not cole slaw. Also, any out-of-towner must be warned that a cheesesteak is unavailable at Primanti Brothers, despite the menu's claim; ordering a cheesesteak yields a mediocre-or-worse hamburger (so go with capicola, pastrami and/or bacon, all great).

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