Monday, September 21, 2009

The Strange Paths That Lead To Infinonymity

I hope the recent police activity directed at protesters with legitimate permits and potential protesters who have not begun to protest yet is not part of an undesirable pattern.

I detect an unmistakable pattern, however, among searches (mostly Google) that have led inquisitive Intertubers into Infinonymity:

g20 warhol al gore
g20 pittsburgh snipers
g20 southside works protest
g20 pittsburgh steel building access
g20 pittsburgh steel building
g20 pittsburgh [or g-20 pittsburgh]
pittsburgh g20 jack boots
g20 survival guide
g20 pittsburgh tear gas snipers
g20 capital grille downtown security
g20 good or bad?
is capital grill a good g20 target
are there really snipers in downtown pittsburgh?

I also have noticed substantial traffic from this site: And from something called

Not everyone is thinking about the g20, however:

allison b krause
how to succeed in life
bands at ironcity bars on september 19th 2009
That final search was conducted on September 20.

Finally, half-nekkid pictures of Carrie Prejean are a proven method of attracting hits from every continent on Earth.

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