Thursday, September 17, 2009

Propositions Board Activity

DEMOCRATIC GUBERNATORIAL PRIMARY: Scranton mayor Chris Doherty earns a line by announcing a campaign structure. Dan Onorato slips a notch consequent to Judge Wettick's apparent disinclination to permit unconstitutional property taxation to drift until a time more hospitable to Onorato's political aspirations.

ACKLIN-HARRIS SIGNATURE CHALLENGE: 'Acklin admits role' tickets declared losers; Ravensthal, GOP involvement tickets also are losers.

RAVENSTAHL INDICTMENT: Combination of rapidly compressing calendar and lack of new U.S. Attorney has raised odds against indictment by Election Day; longer-term odds unchanged.

PENNA. BUDGET ENACTMENT: Wagering horizon expanded, to include November.

COUNTY REASSESSMENT: New lines posted on timing of Wettick-ordered-deadline for new assessments, imposition of new assessments. Wettick-issued stay tickets declared losers.

The wagering window is open; please make bets using the comments feature.

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