Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reading is Fundamental

(1) If there is ever a judgment day, some people will have some 'splainin' to do with respect to Cameron Todd Willingham. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, in particular, should at his final breath be hoping fervently that the God he has leaned on so ostentatiously for his political career doesn't exist. Oh, and Texas sucks.

(2) Michael Jackson is a weird, sad and objectionable story from several perspectives, to the point of being nearly inexplicable; this story, though, might make sense.

(3) I love science.

(4) I had planned to wait until a social conservative named on the Propositions Board was found inappropriately pants-free before revisiting the rule that every 'gays threaten the traditional marriage I revere' hypocrite advocate is a sex scandal that hasn't yet been revealed, but sometimes events overtake plans.


JenEngland said...

Holy freaking scandal batgirl/man, the woman in number 4? A lobbyist for an energy company. We've been doing it wrong. We need to get a bunch of young women to whore themselves out for the environment, health care, immigration reform, an end to the war(s)... Eff this argue rationally stuff. Screw bribery with large amounts of cash and gifts. Bring on the sluts.

little_minx said...

Speaking of item 4 and Orange County, that's the same area represented by the late John Schmitz, first in the California State Senate, then in the US House of Representatives. He was the MCP who while in Congress (so to speak) staunchly defended his male prerogative to keep a woman by whom he had at least one child at a house in the DC area, while his wife and several kids lived back in his district. Schmitz was actually expelled by the John Birch Society for "extremism," which must have set some sort of record, huh?

What sort of an effect did all his self-absorbed conduct have on his children, one might reasonably inquire? Well, one of his daughters by his wife grew up to become Mary Kay Letourneau. 'Nuff said?