Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today's G20=Apocalypse Sign, With Intertubes Overheating Across Eastern Seaboard

After posting information concerning Dan Onorato's reported G20 reservation at The Capital Grille, this site experienced a rapid rush of traffic from the ISP likes of the County of Allegheny, Darden Restaurants of Orlando (operators of The Capital Grille), Janine Gordon Associates of New York (which seems to be crisis communications advisor to The Capital Grille), Outback Steakhouse (Seminole, Florida; beats me) and the City of Pittsburgh.

After posting information concerning an unverified assertion that Michelle Obama would be touring Pitt's Nationality Rooms, this site experienced a rapid rush of traffic from the likes of the University of Pittsburgh (one Pitt user has visited 18 23 times in a two-hour period), Carnegie-Mellon University, and users from ISPs in Reston (3 visits) and Arlington (15 visits), Virginia.

On a related "your tax dollars at work" note, someone at a City of Pittsburgh screen Googles "Ravenstahl" most mornings, generally near 10 a.m.

UPDATE: If I get a few more hits from Reston and Arlington (let alone the City-County Building and the Courthouse), I may add Fingerprint File to the soundtrack.

UPPERDATE: Warrenton, Virginia (home of the Warrenton Training Center, an affiliate of the National Communications System, which provides communications service to the State Department and CIA), has joined the party.

UPPERERDATE: Shortly after I posted the reference to Warrenton and the National Communications System, my statcounter and Google Analytics reports indicated no new visitors to this site for a four-hour period. Can anyone with technical expertise explain this>


MH said...

(one Pitt user has visited 23 times in a two-hour period)

That may have been me. I get a bit complusive when I'm stuck on a paper.

Infinonymous said...

It has been more than 10 different users from Pitt addresses.

If you want to know whether it is you, send an e-mail and we can compare ISP numbers (you send me the final three, I will send you the preceding two, or something).

MH said...

I have very little interest in documenting my writer's block.

Infinonymous said...


Are you affiliated with the Department of Medicine?