Sunday, September 6, 2009

Insolvency, Inschmolvency -- It's Football Time!

  • Football season is here, which means it's time for "next Steelers arrest" lines on the Propositions Board (far right column).
  • Jonathan Baldwin could make a high school quarterback look good, and Dino Lewis appears to be a reliable back. Cam Sadler and Nate Byham may develop into weapons as the season progresses. Pitt seems likely to rise or fall at quarterback, but fans can always hope.
  • Any Roethlisberger-at-QB team with a league-average defense would struggle to reach .500. Any defensive line with Casey Hampton would be effective.

    UPDATE: Steve Pederson's return to Pitt apparently has generated a resumption of lying about attendance at Pitt home football games. I was at Heinz Field on Saturday; 48,496 other people were not. The stadium was roughly half-full. I thought Bob Smizik had shamed Pitt into reporting realistic figures when he observed, after a Halloween weekend game during Pederson's first run here, that half the announced crowd must have been wearing empty-seat costumes. Self-respect should incline Pitt to entrust calculation of football attendance to the Department of Mathematics, because the Department of Athletics obviously isn't up to the task.

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