Thursday, July 2, 2009

Out-Of-The-Box July 4th Telethon Proposal

Upon observing the mayor of Pittsburgh -- after tossing aside a Stadium Authority board member for questioning below-market conveyances of public assets to the Rooneys (echoing the earlier removal of Bill Peduto), and a couple Zoning Board of Adjustment members who did not vote for an unlawfully arranged billboard favored by the mayor and his campaign donors -- appoint replacements whose mortgage payments are provided by the Rooney law firm (two) and by UPMC (one), points that appear to have evaded the attention of any local news medium, I have a question:

When might we expect the Post-Gazette or Tribune Review to begin to provide to at least one reporter, on at least a part-time basis, access to a Google-capable Intertubes apparatus of some type?

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