Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unsolicited Advice For Kevin Acklin

The Post-Gazette's politics blog today provides depictions of a Kevin Acklin campaign mailer and concludes that this mailer demonstrates "seriousness."

If Kevin Acklin is serious, he should be spending every dollar penny he can find on opposition research. Get the best people available, buy all the legwork you can afford. Forget paper and ink. If the Acklin campaign finds what it needs, publicity should be no problem. If not, publicity will not matter.

If the Acklin campaign wanted to be mentioned in the Post-Gazette, it was smart to use the postal service, because it appears the P-G has not yet installed an Intertubes-ready Googler.

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Anonymous said...

McNulty and Acklin go back to Catholic school days. No surprise that he's pushing him.