Saturday, July 18, 2009

DeMint's Sex Scandal Can't Arrive Soon Enough

Unless the first two words that come out of the mouth of any Republican and/or conservative these days are "I apologize" or "forgive me," does anyone care what follows?

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-Discredited Ideology) sees it differently. He is not just out to prevent health care reform -- he hopes to use the issue to "break" Pres. Obama -- and he is boasting about it.

It is bad form, Senator, to root to "break" the guys brought in to clean up the mess after you and your pals broke the world.*

* h/t Seth Meyers


Unknown said...

DeMint isn't all-bad. At least he's cosponsoring S.604, the bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

Infinonymous said...

No one (at least no one in my experience) is all bad, including Jim DeMint.

The boys from C Street are on an excptionally bad streak lately, however, and DeMint's comments add to the problem.