Tuesday, July 14, 2009

City Still Looking To Refresh Iron City's Drink?

I keep hearing that the Ravenstahl administration is working overtime, trying to figure out how to let the owners of Iron City Brewing -- the group that took millions in taxpayer dollars from the city, didn't do what it promised to do, then sent every beer production job out of the city after 150 years of operation -- get out of town with as little repayment of public money as possible.

Let's recap. Out-of-towners take over brewery with help of mayor, who forgives millions in debt. Mayor gives more financial assistance to owners, declares he has "saved" brewery. Soon enough, owners 'temporarily' move most production to New York. Mayor, meanwhile, forgives even more debt despite owners' failure to provide promised investments and employment. Owners then announce complete shutdown of production in city. Mayor sacrifices summer vacation, trying to put even more public money into pockets of those who stiffed the city on water bills, destroyed hundreds of jobs and fled the city.

In some versions, Dan Onorato's office is working in concert with the city administration to reward these job-killers. In every version, the aim is to get it done quietly and quickly.

Can anyone explain any of this? Otherwise, I will assume that when this story becomes a screenplay, the option will have been taken by "Law and Order: Grand Jury."

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