Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's The Story On Tuesday's Planning Votes?

The Post-Gazette reports this morning (after the Tribune-Review reported yesterday afternoon) that the City of Pittsburgh's planning commission has approved the $7 million, er, $12 million , er, publicly subsidized Continental Real Estate-Rooney proposal to build an entertainment complex just east of Heinz Field. The commission also improved a 170-square-foot LED sign for Heinz Field, home of the Rooneys' Steelers.

The Post-Gazette refrained from reporting:

(1) whether the entertainment project and LED sign were approved unanimously, by a single vote, or somewhere between;

(2) whether or how commissioner Kirk Burkley participated in the deliberations or vote concerning either of the Rooney-related issues;

(3) that Mr. Burkey's spouse is a lawyer whose paychecks are drafted on stock that includes the name "Rooney"; and

(4) the content of six conditions imposed on the project.

The coverage of friction between the exquisitely connected developers and neighbors was disappointingly thin, but thin > nonexistent.

I am not prepared to fault the reporter. Perhaps she submitted a competent report, but editors pared it to make room for the front-page news that former P-G president Diana Block likes pancakes.

Do not abandon hope: The Comet may yet illuminate these issues (well, maybe not the pancake angle).

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Bram Reichbaum said...

I'll illuminate later today, at least in regards to the amphitheater. Yes, it was unanimous. The conditions mostly had to do with noise and litter, and were quite vague.