Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Post-Gazette's Technology Follies

The Post-Gazette's current electronic front page contains no mention of yesterday's handling of zoning, planning and historic review appointments by City Council; a 10-minute search -- hopping among links, using the search function -- likewise produces no evidence of a Wednesday story on Tuesday's events.

Prominently placed, however, are stories concerning recruitment of game show contestants (Deal Or No Deal) and a queue awaiting the earliest local exhibition of a film (Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince).

My conclusion: The reason the P-G still has no Googletronic 2000 (left) for its reporters is that the entire technology budget was blown on a random-story generator, which has replaced the layout desk.

Did the Nuttings buy the P-G while I wasn't looking?

UPDATE: Bob Mayo contributes a couple of apt points:

(1) There is a Wednesday Post-Gazette story locatable by proper intrepidity.

(2) The Tribune-Review is still wandering in the weeds, looking for the story.

Mr. Mayo's powers evidently have grown to the point at which he can create links that tie directly to, and highlight, particular portions of P-G articles.

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