Friday, July 3, 2009

Mixed (Up) Messages For God's Governors?

I fear that South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (waving bye-bye, far left), each a hard-charging member of God's gubernatorial caucus, have been praying so furiously that some celestial circuits couldn't handle the load, and an urgent message intended for Gov. Sanford has instead been received by soon-to-be-former-Gov. Palin.

The botched delivery seems understandable -- Gov. Sanford's mailing address changed recently, consequent to a message delivered directly by Mrs. Sanford -- but Gov. Palin's promised resignation creates a devastating void in next year's gubernatorial beauty pageant.

The Propositions Board has been suitably adjusted; at this point in the Sanford story, we were assured he was hiking in solitude along the Appalachian Trail, clearing his head after an intense legislative session. We learned about the "intense . . . sessions" that destroyed his political career a few days later.

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