Saturday, July 18, 2009

If You Can't Step Away From The Screen (Vol 2)

If you have not seen Up, the most recent Pixar production, you are fortunate . . . because you can look forward, beginning at this moment, to having your life brightened by a wonderful film. See it today, if possible. If not, tomorrow.

Aiming simultaneously at variously aged audiences -- helping adults endure parental obligation in a way that could never be matched by boy bands, skating shows or rasslin' matches -- has been a worthy advancement in animated films during the past two decades. Up wrinkles this development by offering excellent entertainment for adults that children should be able to enjoy, too. So take a child for cover, unless you do not wish to expose that child to a risk of seeing the elder(s) get a bit misty.

I can't recall whether an animated film has been nominated for Best Picture among the Academy Awards, but Up earns consideration.

"Coming attractions" previews baffle me -- how could anyone with a single kilobyte of functioning memory tolerate them? -- but I recommend arriving promptly for Up because, if you are lucky, a short work entitled Partly Cloudy will precede Up.

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