Thursday, September 24, 2009

Infinonymous Welcomes The World!

Intertubers from these strange lands visited Infinonymity today:

Canada(6 provinces) Sweden Netherlands Saudi Arabia (many) Australia Mexico United Arab Emirates New Zealand Brazil Norway United Kingdom Qatar Turkey Germany France Lithuania Iceland Egypt Japan The Philippines Texas Wyoming

What makes this at least as impressive as Pittsburgh's G20 drawing power is that none of these people visited because it was their job to do so.

Except, of course, the person who Googles "Ravenstahl" every morning from a City of Pittsburgh computer. All that trampling of the Constitution must have made Wednesday hectic at City Hall. He's usually here by 10:15 a.m, but didn't show up today until 1:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, we had more visits on Wednesday from Janine Gordon Associates (The Capital Grill's crisis communications coordinator, which stopped by seven times) and Darden Restaurants (operator of The Capital Grill, five times). If either of you guys is interested in a sponsorship opportunity, send an e-mail. (Same offer to Outback Steakhouse, which also was back for more Infinonymity.)

Also, Reston, Arlington, Warrenton all back in the house. Hi, guys.


loriek said...

Perhaps Capital Grill would like to sponsor a giveaway for your blog. I'd sure like a gift certificate for there.


Infinonymous said...

That's The Capital Grille (TM), pal.

loriek said...

I heard the "e" was lost in the last round of recession cuts at the restaurant.

You know, if you mention them every day for the next year or so, you can help those people visiting your site keep their jobs.